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Jul. 6th, 2015 07:52 pm
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Name: Blaze // Mint
Age: ~mid-teens! Putting her at 16.
Team: Sterling! Formerly Citrine.

Height/Build: Shortish (let's say ~5'3?) and solid! She's been traipsing around the world for a few years, so she's got muscle on her.
Hair Color/Eye Color: Red-orange / red-orange.
Notable Traits: Nothing too unusual; her appearance and icons match her in-character outfit now that she's a knight. She also carries her Dual Haloes (twin gold chakrams) everywhere.

Other: She's got a lot of magic energy and is also quite strong, but physically is a normal human being.

Body Language: SUPER DUPER ENERGETIC! Her actions/expressions are an open book. Slumps and drags when she's indifferent or feeling bad, twirls and skips when she's happy, kicks stuff and makes violent gestures when she's angry or frustrated. Stuff like that. She's really dramatic, and she likes getting into people's space. She drapes, elbows, noogies etc. if she likes you! And is really up-close aggressive if she doesn't.
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snip )

+ This is the MOST TRIVIAL OF TRIVIALS with regards to canon knowledge--she already has the memory of some conversation right after it--but it's a light fun memory anyway.
+ While she has no patience for cryptic powerful authority figures--such as Personae!--she has no problem with creatures that serve as their lackeys/servants/whatever, and this memory does drive that home pretty well.
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Video here (2:28 to 7:13)! Follows directly from the second half of memory 11.

what even. )

+ . . . okay yeah, some people in her world are just fuckin' weird.
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+ Mint can now ICly speak in punctuation! Other people will...hear it as punctuation. Things like 'you ***** in the ***** with the **** and unicorns.' Or 'you need to [Junction] your [GF].' Or '#@$@%@##$.'
+ She actually wanted this half of her skill back since [Bracketed Magic Stuff] is a Thing in her canon and it was getting frustrating to talk about and feel like she was mispronouncing everything.
+ This skill has a second half! Mint swears a lot! Her swearwords ... now all come out as '(expletive)' and permutations thereof.
+ Possibly Citrine will provide helpful translations for her anyway.
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Ohhhh snap.

snip. )

+ This is Mint's first memory directly containing her sister.
+ The enemy was impersonating her sister; she and her sister were both used.
+ She fixed it with violence. As she does.
+ Her sister is queen and possesses a [relic].
+ There was a massive political plot around the [relics] and people were trying to kill Mint and she never knew about it.
+ ...the enemy has feelings too.
+ Rrrrescuing Prima Doll!
+ Confirmation that the [relic] is a source of great power; suspicion that she wanted one to beat out her sister's; a name to put to the [relic] she was chasing! Dewprism!
+ She doesn't really hate her sister's face anymore! Somewhere in this memory, she more or less forgives Maya. This is kind of great because she doesn't have most of the memories of why she was so mad at Maya in the first place.
+ But she trolls Maya anyway. Troll troll troll.

+ This is a really huge knowledge and perspective shift for Mint. Not a bad one! Just. Huge. It gives her a lot more sense of a bigger picture happening around her actions in canon! I'm not sure how well that translates to Aather, since she has people blinders on a lot harder here.
+ It also makes her as empathic as she'll ever get (not...very, but yes. People are very important to her, and enemies have feelings. Which doesn't make them less enemies, or less targets for beatdowns, but it's nice to acknowledge the other side.)
+ This gives her a lot more sense of her goal and knocks out a lot of the pissiness at her sister. Good memory!
+ Fuck being born as a tool.
+ Ironically, despite realizing her sister is a queen, she was distracted enough that she didn't QUITE make the logic leap of 'I am a princess'! It's the way it's talked/thought about in this memory--Mint is in solo RPG heroine adventure mode, which is not the same as princess mode, and doesn't really think of herself as the exiled princess at this point of the game! She wants to avenge her injustice!1 more than actually getting the title back, if the ending is any indication. And Maya doesn't talk about Mint having any connection to the kingdom at all. They say Maya did a lousy job as queen, not that Mint would be a better one. \:D/
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THIS MEMORY IS ACTUALLY TWO SEPARATE ENCOUNTERS WITH ELENA. The first follows directly from her starter memory (excluding a couple of lines where Mint says she's a princess)! The second is much later on; there's a sense of a timeskip in the memory itself.

snip. )

+ Irritable liking for Elena, Klaus and Mira.
+ So the [Relic] is probably something cool and ancient and magical but what does it dooooo seriouslyyyy.
+ What the hell Rue. What is your secret even. (Some curiosity and investment in Rue for the first time.)
+ Why is that guy dressed as a star.
+ A feeling of 'god my world can be sort of weird' for the first time ever.
+ She'll get a little shorter with people after taking this memory and more invested in winning games for herself rather than just for the sake of winning; it's nothing serious, just a constant low-grade built-up irritation from 'I have all these memories of doing things and a named goal but I honestly don't know anything about what I wanted or why and that's unacceptable.'
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snip. )

+ Oh it's that Rue guy again. SHRUG. I guess we are also dungeoncrawling rivals or something?
+ Who the hell is Claire? I don't care.
+ Plus 100 automatic lookout for boobytraps in dungeons.
+ It is completely okay and natural to loot unconscious people's pockets. If they didn't want to be robbed, they wouldn't have let themselves be knocked unconscious.
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Video, though it's of Rue's playthrough and not Mint's. The guy's voiceover is annoying as hell, though.

snip. )

+ This memory makes her super hungry...
+ Maybe if you catch fifty incests and prepare them just right, they will taste extra extra amazing...?
+ Plus 50 patience, but only for fetch quests with the right reward. RPG GRINDIN.'
+ Plus 0 inclination to improve her cooking skills, but she is a-okay with hunting meat.
+ Plus 100 inclination to bug people who DO have good cooking skills to cook for her.
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8D )

+ Context for how she met Rod!
+ Beating people for money: always awesome!
+ Men who wear shoulder armor but no shirts and hang around randomly by streams waiting to challenge her: completely normal.

+ This memory doesn't actually change much except for adding +500 bromance to her soul. :Da
+ Oh and I guess more experience in fighting dual wielders with massive weight/power advantages! WATCH OUT LLOYD IRVING.
+ And a recognition that puppies are not for eating.
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+ practical basic camping skills--pitch a tent, start a fire without magic, etc.
+ camping out in harsh/monster-infested environments--snow, desert terrain, things like that.
+ where to find food in a pinch.
+ knowing common hazardous plants on sight, NOT TO EAT WILD MUSHROOMS, etc.
+ makeshift cooking skills! Her cooking is nothing great, but it is edible and she'll now know how to do more with Citrine's food than 'eat raw' or 'put on stick, roast over fire.'*

* she is a total lazyass about cooking though. Hopefully someone better at it earns the skill back soon.
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+ He's a mechanical doll...also a brat...something isn't adding up!
+ She worked with Rue to get the necessary stuff for Prima's activation! Her feelings towards him at this point are neutral positive. Huuuh.
+ Klaus! She loev Klaus, he does all the boring research for her. (...she also genuinely loev Klaus.)
+ I'm gonna be rich!
+ Dragons, history, robot talk.
+ What is this feeling of being topped.
+ Apparently she is going to fight a gigantic powerful dragon named Wylaf. Well, okay. Sure.

+ She finally knows who Prima is! This is super important to her for putting things together; PRIMA IS THE ONE SHE WAS URGENTLY TRYING TO SAVE WHEN SHE CHALLENGED MAYA'S TOWER.
+ This means that she thinks her endgame goal was people rather than the [Relic] and world domination! (To be fair, that's kind of how it turned out anyway.) This pushes her leanings in Aather even further towards latching onto her important people at everyone else's expense, rather than furthering her own agenda at the rest of the world's expense.
+ Punching an ancient superpowered dragon in the nose for Prima is totally a thing she did. She has no memory of it yet but she's ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN she did it. Klaus and Rue were sort of teasing about it but they actually believed she could and would challenge Wylaf.
+ She's relieved about finally knowing these things, b-but also really confused because she doesn't like Prima in this memory at all.
+ Plus 20 confusion. (Did Prima unbrat?)
+ Plus 80 tsundere.
+ Plus 80 feeling invincible.
+ Plus 100 comfort with robotic/mechanical-type living beings.
+ Plus 100 want for something shiny and pretty. Like a gem.
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~5:00 onward; this whole thing; beginning to ~1:50


+ jumped around a lot and dodged fire and beat Skull Beast (bossfight)
+ ran around the inside of a weirdass tower building ('Elroy's atelier'?) and looted everything
+ ran into Belle and Duke; beat Belle; got the tiara she came for stolen anyway
+ and then the Skull Beast respawned, JEEZ
+ rescued by Rue in the end :T
+ SUPER LONG but not actually very informative memory.

+ SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK IS A [RELIC]. She is putting together terms and events, but still not enough context for the bigger picture or to realize her goal.
+ dislike for Belle and Duke, but not that much; more 'ugh not these bozos again.'
+ ambivaleeeeence for Rue (mostly created by her Aather attitudes--in the memory she's actually grateful)
+ plus 100 seeing bizarro RPG bosses and dungeons and jump puzzles as 'normal'
+ plus 100 irritation with any enemy that respawns itself
+ minus 50 concern for scamming people/doing illegal things in general
+ LOTS OF IRRITATION but not enough to sink in while she was worried about other people. She absorbed it properly about an hour later, fought the rainimals for about ten minutes to blow off steam, and moved on with her life.
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* = pending


- team uniforms, cabin furniture, two buckets
- the one fancy place setting

- lots of soap
- bottle of shampoo
- three toothbrushes, a tube of toothpaste
- wooden bath (big enough to fit a full-grown man comfortably if he sits with his knees pulled up to his chest)
- folding screen to wash/change behind
- hairbrush
- comb

- little medical bag--bandages, alcohol, gauze, tape
- some extra bandages and disinfectant
- bag of surgical supplies (Muraki's)

- box of matches
- large glass booze bottle, currently boozeless
- sturdy broom
- whetstone
- dual chakrams (Mint's, kept with her at all times)
- nine-inch bowie knife, single edge
- wooden training sword (Kazu's)
- good sturdy hatchet
- a dumb set of dolls (Mint's)
- orange glass marble (summons Three of Three for healing)
- magical feelings bottle (Mint's, won from Dream)
- map of Aather (updated whenever someone remembers)
- shareable memories: rocks from game 19, tiger lilies from game 25...


- failhatchet
- three slips of paper ("ability to read," "a place to belong," "understanding morality")
- pair of dirty tennis shoes
- the remnants of four sturdy wooden chairs (unless we burned them.)
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Exactly what it sounds like! Demonstrated here at ~1:25 (warning, spoilers if you keep watching.)

+ She can do it by jumping from a height or from a standing position.
+ She knows just where to hit to do the amount of damage she wants.
+ It'll take her a few days to do it properly once she figures it out, because she doesn't have her chakrams to balance the move. ETA: she has her chakrams, no more problems.
+ Theoretically this could kill if she aimed for the right point! But she is not looking to kill anybody, so.
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...derp I misremembered this memory a little. THAT'S WHAT I GET FOR NOT CHECKING THE SCRIPT FIRST. Oh well.

sure is bro up in here )

+ Remembers Rod and his ship! Rod is a traveling weaponsmith mercenary thing who doesn't believe in shirts but does believe in fair trade. His ship is a boat that turns into a hovercraft. IDK. He and Mint are bros. She doesn't remember all of what makes them bros yet. But BROS.
+ There's someone named 'Mira' who does, in fact, make some of the most delicious food Mint's ever tasted. Mint likes her.
+ What's so important about the lake ruins...? BLARGH SO MANY DETAILS MISSING STILL
+ Wherever she comes from is prettier than Aather.

+ This memory makes her soooo hungry.
+ She's a little weirded out because she can tell there's a really long skip between the two halves of this memory. Both are firmly before the Maya's Tower ones though.
+ ...another +10 relationship points to Citrine, and to Riku, Kite, Gokudera and Lloyd. Because the dynamics are similar and they're clearly the sort she was comfortable with before Aather.
+ Gained technique: Unsubtle Manipulation Through Bribery.
+ Gosh the memories she's been getting back lately make her seem like a mostly decent person. :Da...
+ With this memory she's officially stopped screaming at the sight of the colour orange.
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+ She's still in Maya's Tower! This is one of the pieces missing from her previously earned memory.
+ She knows part of what she's chasing in the Tower now, though it doesn't feel like all of it. EITHER WAY it feels like a pretty urgent mission to her.
+ Confirmation: Maya sucks and Mint wants to kick her off a roof. Little sisterrr (>o<)9
+ She knows Trap Master and she's fought him a bunch of times.
+ She does not actually feel any animosity for Trap Master anymore. HE IS ANNOYING but at this stage she just finds him kind of a fun diversion too. They're pretty similar personalities.
+ Who's this Prima person, I want to save him/her...

+ Plus 10 confidence in her power at home, because she didn't break much of a sweat here. She may screech less at the colour orange now.
+ Plus 10 relationship points for Riku and Kite and Lloyd because now their particular brand of friendly bickerbanter feels even more natural
+ Plus 10 knowing when to quit, plus 50 unwillingness to kill people unnecessarily (though she has little compunction about it if it IS necessary)
+ Plus 0.5 caution I guess. . .
+ I forgot she'd actually kind of matured in her attitudes by endgame holy crap. THE REST OF CITRINE GETS UNSAFE, MINT GETS MORE SAFE, HOW CAN THIS BE